Minimum pedagogical standards for Moodle courses – Recommendations


Standards for the use of Moodle, the central learning management system at the University of Primorska (UP), comprise both technical and pedagogical aspects. This document was prepared by the InoTeZ project group and it outlines our recommendations for the implementation of minimum pedagogical standards only.
The minimum pedagogical standards for Moodle courses aim to ensure a consistent learning experience for all students and support for teachers in designing the structure, contents and didactic properties of Moodle courses. Teachers are responsible for the implementation of these minimum pedagogical standards while pedagogical support is provided by members of the pedagogic IT support at the individual faculties.
The minimum pedagogical standards for Moodle courses comprise the following standards:
1.    Moodle courses are clearly structured and designed in time.
2.    Moodle courses contain key course information.
3.    Copyrights are respected in Moodle courses.
4.    Moodle courses encourage active and collaborative learning.
5.    The learning process is monitored and assessed in Moodle courses.
These standards are defined in greater detail in the following chapters.